Our Work...
To make our town safer for young people


Woman Stalked in Garage
Our Street Harassment Project  

Overview of this project:

This project has been funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, following the death of Sarah Everard Warrington Youth Voice wanted to take action on the issue of street harassment. This project contributes towards achieving our priority of; To make our town safer for young people.


Aim of project:

We want young   women to feel safer in their community, where they live, walk and spend time. We want men and boys to be better educated on the matter of street harassment and be able to call out issues when they are present if possible and safe to do so.  We also want to show the public we care, we are helping to deal with this issue and that it is important, this will draw more light to the matter and hopefully equate to national policy change along with other action being taken across the UK. 


Evaluation and monitoring of this project:

We will carry out 2 surveys, one at the start before we implement our work and one in December 2021. This should show an increase or decrease in the number of young women who feel unsafe or worried about street harassment or who actually experience it. We will also look at crime stats and compare with previous years. We will publish a full impact report on the project in December 2021, this will include examples of small positive steps we have taken, whether that be policy change or public engagement and awareness. 


Anticipated impacts of this project:

The public will be more aware, more men and boys will be educated on the matter of street harassment and this will have a positive impact for years and years to come. Girls and women will feel safe on our streets, cases of street harassment will fall, we will have drawn more attention to the matter and potentially change local policy.