Our Pledges & Priorities 

The Pledges & Priorities are the set topics of which we will be working on and focusing on throughout the year. 

Young people are happy and safe


A place of equality and diversity for young people​

Young people are safe

Support for young people amid the COVID-19 pandemic 

Collaborate with schools and colleges to improve quality of school life

Our town is where young people can live healthy and independent lives


Young people feel part of their community and take pride in where they live 

Young people have equal access to leisure services

Our town is more inclusive of SEND young people

A place young people are supported and thrive


Student Voice is Supported

Enhanced quality of education within our town

Opportunities for young people to thrive

A strong and sustainable future


Increased sustainability of transport and travel for young people

Diverse employment opportunities for young people 16+

Reduce the impact of Climate Change

Help to make best use of green spaces

Our Values

  • Determined, ambitious & active - Empowered and motivated by our own beliefs and values to do what is best for our town.

  • Partnerships & collaboration - work with others to maximise resources and potential, allow for a shared and collaborative approach to change and work together to achieve a shared vision.

  • Community involvement - engaging positively with the diverse communities of Warrington.

  • Equality - challenge discrimination, respect all and promote equal opportunities for all.

  • Accountable - being open, honest and responsible.

  • Sustainable - making key long term decisions with understanding and thought, ensuring we pave the way for future generations and other young people.

Delivery of our Pledges & Priorities