Youth Ambassador


Voting will take place within your school or college, as the Youth Ambassador elections are for the purpose of democratically deciding on a young person who shall represent the other young people in a locality/ward we expect the young people who either live or go to school in that locality/ward to vote for who represents them. 

Below is the list of schools in each of our localities/wards;

  • Central: Sir Thomas Boteler, Cardinal Newman, Sir William Beaumont. 

  • North Villages: Culcheth High School 

  • East: Padgate Academy, King’s Leadership Academy, Foxwood, Woolston Brook, Green Lane, Woolston Sixth Form and Birchwood High School. 

  • West: Great Sankey, Penketh and St Gregory’s. 

  • Bridgewater: Bridgewater and Lymm.

It is important young people who don't attend a Warrington school or college to have their say on who represents them, to ensure each and every young person has the opportunity to vote, our online system includes extra options.